Prairie validation

By | October 29, 2011

Two recent articles, one from the Smithsonian and one from The Curator, sing the praises of the prairie, something we love to do here at Scissortail too.

First, via Smithsonian Magazine, a biographical journey from New York City native Meghan Daum about her move to Lincoln, Nebraska. From her article Home on the Prairie:

The Lincoln I love—the reason I stayed as long as I did and have returned nearly every year since—actually starts where the city limits end. Drive five minutes out of town and farmland unspools before you, replacing the car dealerships and big-box stores with oceans of prairie grass and corn growing in lock step rows all the way to the horizon.

Second, Nebraska native Matthew Miller’s reflection via The Curator Magazine, titled #NewNebraskaSlogan and a New Rhetoric for the Midwest. This one is chock full of wonderful quotes, including:

If mountains and oceans impress us with their vastness, I counter with the vastness of the sky and the plains—only on the Great Plains do you get a sense of the hugeness not of one particular geological formation, but of the world itself: earth and sky distilled to their essentials.

After tweeting numerous quotes from this wonderful little piece, Matthew also alerted us to a book we need to read by Marilyn Robinson titled Gilead: A Novel. In his opinion, it’s the best defense of the Midwest.

Take the time to read both of these this week via the above links.

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