Art Center: Going after it

By | August 19, 2012

My wife and I are working to turn a vacant space I have access too — which has had a couple renters over the past couple years that just didn’t stick — into a downtown art center. With a newborn in the house and the necessity of a full-time job, at this point work on or in the space is only occurring every other weekend (or thereabouts).

Helping cobble together a table for the space.

There are four rooms, along with access to a large mezzanine stairway landing and a small bathroom. The largest room is about 20’x30′, second largest 9’x22’and then two smaller rooms that were originally built as safes in this former bank (by former, we’re talking turn of the Twentieth Century). Roughly the square footage of a small American house. I have visualized the entire space, now I just need money for electrical, plumbing and HVAC projects!

Where this idea goes is still up for grabs. We’re taking baby steps, so the idea is less about creating the Scissortail Art Center at this point than, perhaps, just taking a step in that direction if we can.

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