Art in the most unlikely place

By | November 2, 2012

The return trip from an annual work conference resulted in the accidental discovery of an art gallery in a town of 200, give or take. The Most Unlikely Place is in Lewellen, just west of Ash Hollow in western Nebraska (pictured below).

The Most Unlikely Place also has a frame shop and serves lunch — the lady serving rolls around on roller skates while serving soup and sandwiches. The town of Lewellen also boasts a small winery and an inn. With my coworkers, I spent a significant lunch hour talking to the family/owners of the business who also own (at least) two other buildings in the small downtown, one of which they’d like to see become an art center or something similar (the other, a former Post Office, they’ve turned into a swanky apartment). I toured it with the owner and his friend, a musician, who wants to put a recording studio in the currently gutted structure.

Each family member has their craft, be it painting, music, woodworking or culinary art. Each wants to see the arts help revive the small community. They want Lewellen to be the Taos of Nebraska.

It was fantastic to meet people acting on this kind of ambition. If you’re ever driving through western Nebraska, be sure to stop their for a long lunch and encourage them on in their vision!

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