Where is the project now?

The Scissortail Art Center is a work in progress.

We’re getting started with a small space on the second floor of a downtown Grand Island, Nebraska, building. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to acquire an acreage that fulfills the prairie philosophy we’re drawn to.

Our long-range plan includes acquiring a small acreage where studio space and residencies can be set up for artists from around the country to refine their craft and concept and learn how to integrate the arts with their Christian faith. The goal of the art center would be to encourage Christian artists to be more involved in their communities and, ideally, in cross-cultural missions.

There are a number of different ways we see the acreage going. The absolute ideal, at least as it has been formulated in our minds, would require a roughly estimated capital investment of $2 million dollars. As quite average folks, this is difficult for us to comprehend but certainly within the realm of God’s infinite provision.

A second idea would be for us to begin on a smaller scale by opening up our own [theoretical] property to artists and expand as we’re able to. This idea has actually appealed to us more and more as we’ve mulled over it.

Thirdly, there is the possibility that we would end up working with another existing or in-progress idea of a similar stripe, such as Operation Mobilization’s ArtsLink.

Existing opportunities
There are a number of other places to gather with other Christian artists for studio time and education (the Grunewald Guild, the Glen Workshops, The Grove in Southern California, etc), but none of these focus on long-term residencies or mission mobilization, or missions of any kind as far as we know. Operation Mobilization’s ArtsLink had something similar in their long-range plan, although we haven’t heard where they stand on that in about five years. Suffice it to say that the Scissortail Art Center seems to be a unique idea, one that will fill a void.